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A Accelerator Fishing Jar Intensifier B Bit Sub Boot Basket Junk Sub BOP Bull Nose Bumper Sub Fishing Bumper sub C Casing Casing, Tubing, . Continue reading "All our products"

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Casing Exit line of tools—provides a cost-effective and efficient means to exit cased wellbores. X-1 systems have been run successfully in single-string casing exits, multiple-string exits and multi-lateral well applications. The X-1 system has proved to have superior performance with .

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A cutting tool (22) includes a plurality of pivoted blades (36) for swinging outwardly to an expanded radial position for first cutting the walls of multiple casing strings (10, 11), and then removing a predetermined length of the casing strings (10, 11) simultaneously in a cutting action. Pivoted blades (36) have cutting elements (66) of a similar size and shape positioned about upper, lower .

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Based on RipTide ® drilling reamer technology, the mill features separate stabilizers and specially designed 4.5- to 13-in.-long carbide cutting structures that enable through-casing milling of the adjacent casing string. The inserts cut radially and axially downward to improve milling and create finer, more manageable cuttings.

Pilot Mill: Is a downhole milling tool designed with an .

drill string causing knives to deploy and make a cut on the casing. Then weight is slowly applied and typically between 8 -20m of casing may be milled. String Mill: String mills are similar to watermelon mills except that they generally do not have smooth ODs. String mills provide a .

Pilot Mill: Is a downhole milling tool designed with an .

drill string causing knives to deploy and make a cut on the casing. Then weight is slowly applied and typically between 8 -20m of casing may be milled. String Mill: String mills are similar to watermelon mills except that they generally do not have smooth ODs. String mills provide a .

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production (also known as an oil string) tubing (flow string) Fig. 5-1 shows the relationship of some of these casing strings. In addition, the illustration shows some of the problems and drilling hazards that the strings are designed to control.

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The String Mill is used in the same fashion as a string reamer. It can also be used as a near bit stabilizer and is dressed with tungsten carbide to grind up casing. Eaton Whipstocks are designed for low angle drift out of the casing, but can be designed and built with a more aggressive angle on the concave to exit casing at a higher angle to .

Milling tool and method for milling multiple casing strings

Sep 29, 1992 · This invention relates generally to a cutting or milling tool and method for cutting or milling fixed multiple casing strings downhole, and more particularly to such a cutting tool and method having cutting blades swinging radially outwardly from the cutting tool for cutting the casing strings.

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The operator determined that it was the only technology capable of passing through the narrow inner-casing ID, stabilizing itself in 133⁄8-in. casing, and milling a large section of the 133⁄8-in. casing successfully. Conventional methods of cutting and pulling sections of the nested casing strings were deemed uneconomical.

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The CleanWell® spiral wrap string mill is designed to restore casing drift and downsize debris generated during cased hole milling or drilling applications. The mill design provides a 360° smooth OD overlap when descending or ascending in the wellbore. Casing Cleaning Tools.

North Sea Record for Double-String section milling set by .

Aug 16, 2017 · Medusa cutting technology secures the outer string casing and at the same time provide cutter wear and depth information on real time basis. It is able to perform single, double or pilot string section milling depending on task specifications. The new patented design can handle from 7"


Economical milling, sidetracking, and single-string pipe cutting The K-Master section mill is a hydraulic downhole tool ideal for milling casing to set rock-to-rock well abandonment cement plugs. All cutter arms are dressed with tungsten carbide inserts that, along with the multiblade design, provide maximum footage and high ROP. When combined

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The main purpose of Casing Drilling, or Casing while Drilling (CwD), is to eliminate classic casing runs and isolate formations while drilling. By using Standard casing string instead of conventional drill string, the drilling and casing are executed simultaneously, section by section.

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COILED TUBING PRODUCTS. . Flo-Activated Tubing Cutter is a three bladed device designed to sever production tubing, drill pipe and small diameter casing strings in work over, fishing and abandonment operations. . The LiMAR® Flo-Thru Fluted Centraliser is designed to centralise a Coiled Tubing BHA during milling, cutting, jetting or .

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Conebuster™ mill is used for milling bit cones or other objects. Dressed with SUPERLOY on the OD, the mill has a slightly concave bottom to keep fish centered under the mill for greater effectiveness in open hole or cased hole. String and watermelon mills elongate casing windows during a whipstock operation. They can be used to remove tight .

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Long casing strings may require higher strength materials on the upper portion of the string to withstand the string load. Lower portions of the string may be assembled with casing of a greater wall thickness to withstand the extreme pressures likely at depth. Casing is run to protect or isolate formations adjacent to the wellbore.

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A mill is usually used to remove junk in the hole or to grind away all or part of a casing string. In the case of junk, the metal must be broken into smaller pieces to facilitate removal from the wellbore so that drilling can continue. When milling casing, the intent is to cut a window through the side of the casing or to remove a continuous .

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Deep Throat Mill – With a three-blade design, it is most often used for drilling cement, especially where small amounts of junk may coexist. Watermelon or String Mill – These mills have connections on both ends to allow running in combination with a tapered mill. They are used to remove obstructions in the casing and for reaming out liners .

Abrado completes rig-less, dual-string section-milling P&A .

Feb 21, 2018 · The scope of work included dual-string casing-section milling to seal off sustained casing pressure in the annuli using Abrado's proprietary line of expandable casing-section milling .

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Casing while drilling Application EXPLORE "casing, drill string, casing string, casing while drilling, casing as drill string, drill string casing" Geothermal Application EXPLORE "geothermal, geo thermal, . We work with our customers, shortening the supply chain from mill to well, producing and delivering exactly what they need whenever they .

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Casing and tubing strings are the main parts of the well construction. All wells drilled for the purpose of oil or gas production (or injecting materials into underground formations) must be cased with material with sufficient strength and functionality.

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«BURINTEKH», Ltd provides window milling services in the casing strings of all sizes ranging from 140 to 245 mm sets of technical aids of its own production like Overhead, Overhead Hydro with hydraulic or hydraulic-tubing anchor, KF.. The service is performed by highly qualified specialists with many years of practical experience in the window milling in the casing strings.

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Design, program and execute section milling operations to eliminate gas migration "bubbling" on a 20+ well platform. Operator Challenges. The platform had multiple wells with sustained casing pressures from various casing sizes and casing combinations; The majority of the wells required multi-string milling .

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A string of casing can be run at some later date after a liner has been installed and joined to it as long as the liner hanger assembly top (or weight set packer top, if it has been run) has been provided with a setting sleeve with tie-back extension (standard machined or PBR).

New section milling technology designed for restricted IDs .

Jul 03, 2017 · Thus, the dual-string section mill was further developed to mill both the inner and outer strings of casing in a single or multiple trips, allowing the operator to set a cement plug against the open hole. By completely removing the casing, the milling run .

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• Avoid having large changes in cross sectional area in the lower BHA components, as this will scatter and reflect the jar impacts. Tool-joints will have a similar scattering effect so that a jar placed within HWDP will have a reduced impact. • In case drill collars are .

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Section milling and pilot milling are similar in that both operations mill away large sections of casing or pipe, but they are not the same. Section milling creates an exit point in a string of casing that is equal to the bit size of the casing being milled.

Abrado Successfully Performs Two Complex Dual Casing .

Abrado Wellbore Services announced today that it has successfully completed a complex Dual-String Casing Section Milling plug and abandonment project on the South American continental shelf using .


The barrier seals across the borehole by milling both inner and outer strings and mimics natural bedding. The mill features specially designed blades and stabilizers that enable through-casing milling of the adjacent string of casing to access the borehole quickly and efficiently. Separate milling .

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