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Carpet Shredding and Recycling - Jordan Reduction Solutions

Carpet recycling has become a major issue in the recycling industry. Landfills are reluctant to take large loads of carpet but it is recyclable. Post consumer and post industrial carpet both have end of life usage. And shredding carpet is the place to start. Jordan Reduction Solutions can provide the right equipment for carpet recycling.

Fish Shredders & Grinders | Seafood Processing Equipment

The TASKMASTER® line of shredders helps ships and other fish processing plants improve efficiency and disposal. Our versatile industrial shredders can handle the toughest fish and seafood waste. TM8500 grinders set the standard for effective solids reduction, reliability, and ease of maintenance for any fish processing plant.

Cutting, slicing, chopping

The objective of cutting, slicing, chopping, mincing and pulping processes is to reduce the size of material either for further processing or to improve the eating quality or suitability of foods for direct consumption. Field of application These operations are very widely applied in the food industry.

Shredder and Grinder Sound Enclosure | eNoise Control

Sound Enclosure for Shredders and Grinders . Shredder and Grinder machines are common industrial equipment used in many industries, such as recycling, scrap, plastics, metal, and waste systems. These machines are very noisy and cause noise exposure inside a plant and potential noise to neighboring properties if located outdoors.

Jordan Reduction Solutions

These units continue to serve in applications from organics grinding, rubber grinding and even into ordinance and energetic material (explosive) applications. Rubber Grinder. With a unique feed system, the Jordan Reduction Solutions Rubber Grinder has been servicing the rubber industry for decades.

Industrial shredder for solid waste size reduction from .

Sep 26, 2010 · The video showing our twin shaft shredder crush the plastic barrel, hard drive, plastic pipe, waste tyre, waste wood, steel barrel. After process, we can get particle approximate in 30*30mm. We .


GRINDING/SHREDDING/HAMMER MILLS Scrap wood, used pallets, manufacturing off-fall, waste paper & plastic can bury you and cost you money. Let us show you how single shaft low RPM, high torque grinder technology can manage those waste products and instead of .

Industrial Shredders - Jordan Reduction Solutions

Jordan Reduction Solutions dual shaft industrial shredders can reduce a variety of diverse materials from simple organics like wood, to plastic and non ferrous metals. Our dual shaft shredders are more versatile than many single shaft shredders by being able to handle a broader range of feed stock materials.

Feeding, Grinding, Shredding, Washing on EXPO21XX

HAAS designs innovative machines and plants for the processing of waste wood and waste. TYRON is for example the ideal solution for shredding and volume reduction of e.g. waste wood, green waste, waste, bulky waste or industrial waste.

CBD Farm Solutions – Drying, CO2 Extraction & Processing

CBD Farm Solutions LLC employs a number of large capacity, industrial scale stripping, shredding, grinding, milling and drying equipment to process your high value wet and dried Hemp biomass. Our proven food grade grinding size reduction milling machinery is uniquely qualified and can be customized to pre-condition dried hemp biomass to an .

Grinding, Pulverizing, Shredding | Wilson Industries

Grinding, Pulverizing, and Shredding Services. We specialize in utilizing recyclable plastic materials during our production process. We re-purpose PVC material back into the manufacturing industry and keep plastic out of landfills. Our size reduction process of shredding, grinding, and pulverizing allows a cost-effective opportunity for .

Single Shaft Shredder | Industrial Shredders

The single shaft shredder design is a more appropriate choice when a consistent particle size is needed. Industrial shredders can be paired with a used granulator for a shredding/grinding line. A single shaft shredder feed stream also needs to be clean of large metals. When metal is present a dual or multi shaft shredder may be a better option.

Shredder Grinders | Particle Size Reduction | Hammer Shredders

Scott Hammer Shredder. The Scott Shredder offers fine particle size reduction (down to 40 mesh) on a variety of materials using a single shaft, high-speed rotor design. With up to 10 different hammer configurations, these hammer shredders allow for wider variations in design to meet your particle reduction requirements.

Jordan Reduction Solutions

Find out how Jordan Reduction Solutions can help solve your material processing and size reduction needs. We are experts in grinding plastics, rubber bale grinding, shredding of textiles, cardboard shredding, wood pallet grinders, and processing equipment for biofuels resources.

Importance of on site handling of solid waste Reduce .

Importance of on- site handling of solid waste • Reduce volume of waste generated, • Alter physical form, • Recover usable materials. On- site handling methods • Sorting, • Shredding, • Grinding.

Industrial Shredders & Waste Grinders Size Reduction Equipment

Sweet Potato Grind. Check out our Monster Industrial solutions for food waste reduction and learn more about the issue here.-- 3-SHRED - Hopper fed, twin-shafted grinder with a 3-5 HP (2.2 – 3.7 kW) motors. A powerful, efficient and affordable grinder for small packaged goods or low volume shredding.

Medical Waste Grinder Shredder - Mark Costello

We also incorporate world class components into our systems and in the case of shredding and grinding medical waste, we have the best grinder shredded available manufactured by Vecoplan. Vecoplan was founded in 1969 in Bad Marienberg, Germany, as a .

Solid Waste Shredding and Shredder Selection: a Current .

For the purpose of this report, only size reduction by the application of mechanical forces is considered. Size reduction of municipal solid wastes (often called shredding, grinding, or pulverizing) is a new concept, and much of the technology has been borrowed from the mining and rock-crushing industry.*

Particle Size Reduction Equipment & Machines - Bepex

Reviewing your material across a broad range of mills will help determine the best size reduction machine for your process. Our range of size reduction equipment includes: Extructor – for crushing and grinding of frozen blocks or barrels of bulk materials; Rubber Chopper – for shredding and grinding of bulk rubber, plastic, and adhesive


Aug 18, 2016 · PLASTIC SHREDDING MACHINE 1 | P a g e T E X T I L E A N D E N G I N E E R I N G I N S T I T U T E . . Shredding and size reduction of MSW is most commonly utilized in the materials recovery sector of integrated solid waste management, i.e. recycling. Historically the major benefits of size reduction are threefold. . Shredding or grinding of .

Single Shaft Shredder | Industrial Shredders

The single shaft shredder design is a more appropriate choice when a consistent particle size is needed. Industrial shredders can be paired with a used granulator for a shredding/grinding line. A single shaft shredder feed stream also needs to be clean of large metals. When metal is present a dual or multi shaft shredder may be a better option.

Triminator Shredmaster Cannabis and Hemp Plant Waste .

Cannabis & Hemp Waste Shredders ShredMaster shredders make cannabis and CBD hemp waste reduction and processing effortless by reducing wet and dry material to shredded biomass in seconds. Multiple sizes offer seamless integration into any facility. Total Green Waste Solution Efficient Waste Processing Decrease the volume output of your cannabis and cbd hemp waste, increasing your .

EAS - Extrusion, Recycling, Shredding & Grinding

Size reduction by shredding and grinding, with all the machinery variables and options, is a very important area within our core technical competence. Further, fines separation systems are a big benefit in producing clean re-grind materials that are easy to handle and perform well in the recycling extruder.

Food Processing Equipment | Size Reduction | Franklin Miller

Franklin Miller's size reduction processors play a vital role in the processing of food, food ingredients, food waste, food disposal,de-packaging, recycling and more. Chances are if you have a product or material that needs crushing, grinding, shredding or separating, we have a machine or system that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Size reduction done right - Plastics Recycling Update

Oct 31, 2017 · The hammers are especially useful in reducing heavy or hard-to-shred items. The geometry of these mills adds to the shredding mechanism by means of the sweep of the hammers/rings. As the hammer passes the screen or grate, the distance between the two progressively gets closer to encourage more grinding action and further reduction.

Grinding & Shredding Archives - Plastics Hotline

Granulators/Grinders, Grinding & Shredding, Knives & Blades, Recycling Equipment, Size Reduction Equipment American Cutting Edge is the world's leading source for high-quality granulator and shredder knives, stocking more than 10,000 OEM grade knives with same day shipping.

Shredders, Grinders and Shredder Systems for Recycling

INDUSTRIAL SHREDDERS, GRINDERS and SHREDDER SYSTEMS. . With the proper grinding/shredding equipment, substantial revenues may be built throughout the community and incentives can be offered to clientele within the building or complex. . Reduction of community development costs.

Shredders | H-West Equipment, Inc.

Through the creation of a series of intense rotational vortices, the Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer (KP) achieves size reduction across a broad variety of materials, with lower maintenance and utility costs, improved equipment uptime/reliability, and tighter particle size distribution than traditional grinding, shredding, cutting, and hammer mill processes.

Fine Shredding of Municipal Solid Waste

The objective of this task was to (a) develop a technology overview of equipment used for municipal solid waste size reduction, (b) develop performance and cost data on MSW size reduction equipment, and (c) eval- uate performance/cost benefits from shredding* refuse to finer levels in selected resource recovery systems.

Used Size Reduction Grinders Shredders for sale. Ameri .

Search for used size reduction grinders shredders. Find Ameri-Shred, Allegheny, and Bloapco for sale on Machinio.

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